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Council Tax in Westminster

Westminster City Council is responsible for billing, collecting and enforcing payment of the council tax in Westminster. The council tax is a local tax that is levied on all domestic properties, whether they are owner-occupied, rented, or empty. The amount of council tax payable depends on the value of the property and the number of people living in it.

Westminster City Council uses a banding system to determine how much council tax is payable. Each property is assigned to one of eight bands based on its value. The higher the band, the higher the amount of council tax payable.

For example, a property in Band D will pay almost twice as much council tax as a property in Band A. The amount of council tax payable also depends on the number of people living in the property. A single person living in a Band D property will pay less than two people living in the same property because they are entitled to a single-person discount.

There are also discounts and exemptions available for certain groups such as students, disabled people and low-income households.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about council tax in Westminster. Some people are saying that it’s too high, while others argue that it’s fair given the services that the council provides. So what’s the truth?

Well, according to recent figures, Westminster has the second-highest council tax rate in the country. This means that residents of Westminster pay more than £3,000 a year on average in council tax. That’s a lot of money!

So why is council tax so high in Westminster? There are a few reasons. First of all, Westminster is home to some very wealthy people who can afford to pay higher taxes.

Second, the cost of living in Westminster is also very high, which means that the council needs to raise more money to cover its costs. Finally, Westminster is also home to a lot of tourists who visit (and spend money) without contributing to our Council Tax base. All of this means that residents of Westminster have a big financial burden when it comes to paying for their local services.

But what do we get in return? Well, we benefit from having some of the best public services in London – including world-class museums and galleries, parks and open spaces, and top-notch schools. We also have access to plenty of social housing and other support services that help those who need it most.

So while our Council Tax bills may be high, we do get a lot in return.

Westminster Council Tax Bands

Westminster Council Tax Bands are a set of eight bands that are used to calculate the amount of council tax you will pay. The band your property is in is determined by its value as of April 1991. Properties valued below £40,000 fall into Band A, while those valued above £320,000 fall into Band H.

The amount of council tax you will pay depends on which band your property falls into. For properties in Band A, the annual council tax bill is £1,196.80. For properties in Band H, the annual council tax bill is £3,785.60.

If you live in Westminster and own a property that was valued at £40,000 or less as of April 1991, your property falls into Band A and you will pay an annual council tax bill of £1,196.80.

Council Tax in Westminster


How Much is Council Tax in Westminster?

As of April 2019, the council tax rate in Westminster is £849.19 for Band D properties. This is the standard rate for most properties in England and Wales. However, there are some exceptions where a lower or higher rate may apply.

For example, Band A properties will pay £629.13 while Band H properties will pay £1,069.25. The council tax rates are set by the local authority and can be revised each year. The amount of council tax you pay also depends on your personal circumstances.

If you live alone, you are entitled to a 25% discount on your bill. If you are a student, certain disabled people, or someone who lives with someone who falls into one of these categories, you may also be exempt from paying council tax altogether.

Why is Council Tax in Westminster So Cheap?

Westminster has the lowest council tax in the country, with a Band D rate of just £60.70 for 2019/20. This is because Westminster City Council has a very small budget to work with. In fact, it is one of the smallest budgets of any local authority in England.

The council relies heavily on grants from the central government to make ends meet and this means that it has to be very careful with its money. One way that Westminster keeps its council tax low is by charging different rates for different types of property. For example, properties in Band H are charged twice the rate of those in Band D. This helps to spread the burden more evenly and means that those who can afford it pay a little bit more.

Another way that Westminster keeps its council tax low is by providing discounts and exemptions for certain groups of people. For example, students are exempt from paying council tax and there are also discounts available for people who are disabled or have low incomes. This again helps to make sure that everyone pays their fair share according to their ability to do so.

So, why is Westminster’s council tax so cheap? Well, it’s all about making sure that everyone contributes according to their means while still providing vital services to residents. It’s a balancing act but one that Westminster seems to have got right!

How Much is Band C Council Tax in Westminster?

The Westminster City Council sets Band C council tax at £1,196.00 for the 2019/2020 financial year. This is an increase of 3.99% from the previous year’s rate of £1,149.00. The Band C rate is applied to properties with a rateable value between £40,001 and £60,000.

Does Westminster Have the Lowest Council Tax?

The average council tax bill in Westminster is £811.37, which is the lowest in England and Wales. This is based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for 2018/19. In second place is Islington, where the average council tax bill is £815.00.

Hammersmith and Fulham is in third place with an average bill of £821.67. All three of these boroughs are located in London. The highest council tax bills are found in some of the more rural areas of England and Wales, such as Powys (£1,191), Ceredigion (£1,185), and Shropshire (£1,181).

These figures are also from the ONS for 2018/19.

Speaker John Bercow gives Boris Johnson a telling off


Westminster City Council is proposing a 6.5% council tax increase for the 2021/22 financial year. This would mean an extra £96 a year for a Band D property, or £8 a month. The council says the money is needed to help pay for vital services, including adult social care and children’s services, which have been hit hard by austerity and Covid-19.

Westminster has one of the lowest council tax rates in the country, but also some of the highest living costs. Residents are being consulted on the proposals and will be able to have their say until 18 February 2021.

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