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Avacta Share Price

The Avacta share price is currently trading at around 22p, down from its 52-week high of 48p. Avacta is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing next-generation immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. The company has a portfolio of proprietary technology platforms that it uses to develop its products.

Its most advanced product candidate is AFM13, which is in clinical development for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In December 2018, Avacta entered into a strategic collaboration with JSR Life Sciences to jointly develop and commercialise AFM13 in Japan.

The Avacta share price has been on a roller coaster ride over the past year. After hitting an all-time high in December 2017, the stock took a nosedive in 2018 amid concerns about the company’s products and financials. However, the stock has rebounded strongly in 2019, as investors have become more bullish on the company’s prospects.

Looking back at 2018, it’s clear that there were some serious concerns about Avacta’s business. The biggest issue was the launch of its flagship product, Affimer therapeutics. While initial clinical trials looked promising, subsequent data suggested that the therapy wasn’t as effective as hoped.

This put pressure on Avacta’s share price, which ultimately fell by around 60% last year. However, 2019 has seen a strong turnaround for Avacta. In February, the company announced positive results from a Phase III clinical trial of its Affimer PD-L1 cancer therapy.

This news sent shares soaring by 30%, and they’ve continued to rise since then on growing optimism about the company’s products and prospects. With its share price now hovering around £2 ($2.50), Avacta is once again looking like an attractive investment proposition. The question for investors is whether this momentum can be sustained in 2020 and beyond?

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Avacta Share Price


Is Avacta a Good Investment?

Avacta Group is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that develops therapies based on its proprietary Affimer technology. The Company’s lead product candidate, AF-200, is in Phase I/II clinical trials for the treatment of solid tumors. In addition, Avacta has a pipeline of preclinical candidates in development for the treatment of various cancers and other diseases.

The Company’s technology can be used to develop affinity reagents (proteins that specifically bind to target molecules) against virtually any protein or peptide target. This includes targets that are difficult or impossible to generate antibodies against using traditional methods. The Affimer platform provides greater specificity and sensitivity than antibodies, with the potential for improved therapeutic efficacy and safety profiles.

In addition, Affimer proteins can be engineered for use in multiple formats including as therapeutics, diagnostic tools and research tools. Avacta has entered into strategic alliances with several companies including Pfizer, Merck KGaA and 3M Drug Delivery Systems. These collaborations provide funding to support the development of Avacta’s products whilst also providing access to additional expertise and resources.

So far Avacta has raised over £50 million through equity financings and strategic partnerships which will help fund the continued development of its products towards commercialisation. Clinical data from early-stage studies have been encouraging, demonstrating proof-of-concept for the use of Affimer therapeutics in cancer patients. However, at this stage it is too early to say whether Avacta will be a successful investment in the long term given the significant risks associated with developing new drugs (including failure rates during clinical trials).

Nevertheless, the company’s strong partnerships and financial backing suggest that it is well positioned to continue advancing its pipeline of product candidates towards potentially approval and commercialisation.

Why is Avacta Share Price Falling?

The reason behind the falling Avacta share price is not clear. However, there are a few possible explanations. Firstly, the company recently announced that it would be delaying the launch of its new cancer treatment drug, AVA6.

This news may have caused some investors to lose confidence in the company and sell their shares. Secondly, the global stock markets have been volatile recently and this may have had an impact on Avacta’s share price. Finally, it is also worth noting that Avacta’s share price has been falling over the past year or so, so this could simply be part of a wider trend.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that investors are currently not very bullish on Avacta’s prospects.

Where Can I Buy Avacta Shares?

You can buy Avacta shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Avacta Stock Price Analysis – $AVCT Elliott Wave Technical Analysis


Avacta’s share price has surged today after the company announced that it had developed a new way to detect Covid-19. The technology, which uses artificial intelligence, is said to be able to accurately identify the virus in just a few minutes. Avacta says that its technology could be used in airports and other places where large numbers of people gather.

The news has sent Avacta’s shares up by more than 20%.

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