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Bt Strike

Bt Strike is a fun and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. It is a great way to test your skills and reflexes, and it is also a great way to relieve stress.

The BT strike is a sign of the times. With the economy in such dire straits, it’s no wonder that workers are feeling insecure in their jobs. And with good reason – companies are cutting back on staff and benefits, and wages are stagnating.

It’s no wonder that workers are taking to the streets to demand better treatment. The BT strike is just one example of the growing discontent among workers across the country. We’re seeing more and more strikes as people try to fight back against these trends.

And while it may not always be successful, it’s important that we continue to stand up for our rights and fight for a better future for all workers.

BT Chief Exec 'ripping off' workers and customers says union boss

Are Bt Going on Strike?

No, BT is not going on strike. However, there have been several instances of industrial action by BT employees in recent years. In 2017, for example, members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) staged a walkout over pay and job security.

And in 2019, CWU members again took industrial action over pensions and working conditions.

Why is Bt on Strike Today?

Today, BT workers are on strike in response to the company’s plans to make changes to their pension scheme. The proposed changes would see employees paying more into their pensions, and receiving less when they retire. The union representing BT workers, Communication Workers Union (CWU), has said that these changes are “unacceptable” and has called on the company to rethink its plans.

BT has said that it needs to make these changes in order to keep the pension scheme sustainable in the long term. It argues that with people living longer and the costs of pensions rising, it needs to take action now in order to avoid making even bigger changes in the future which could be even more detrimental to employees. The CWU has accused BT of trying to force through these changes without proper consultation or negotiation.

It says that the company is not listening to its concerns and is refusing to budge on key issues. The strike today will involve around 40,000 workers across the country who are all members of the CWU. It is hoped that this action will put pressure on BT and convince them to reconsider their plans.

Why are Openreach Striking?

Openreach is a subsidiary of British telecommunications giant BT Group. It is the largest provider of fixed line and broadband infrastructure in the UK, maintaining and repairing the network that connects homes and businesses to BT’s telephone and fibre optic services. Over the past few years, Openreach has come under fire from critics who argue that it is not investing enough in Britain’s ageing copper network and that it should be doing more to upgrade it to full fibre.

This has led to calls for the company to be nationalised or for BT to sell it off entirely. In response, Openreach has announced a major investment programme that will see it upgrade three million homes and businesses to full fibre by 2025. However, this has not been enough to placate its critics, who argue that Openreach should be doing more.

This has led to tensions between Openreach and its parent company BT, with some reports suggesting thatBT is considering selling off its stake in the subsidiary. The situation came to a head last month when Openreach workers went on strike for four days over pay and working conditions. This was the first time that staff at Openreach had taken industrial action since the company was formed in 2006.

Are Openreach Engineers on Strike?

No, Openreach engineers are not on strike. However, there have been a number of recent industrial disputes involving the Communications Workers Union (CWU), which represents some Openreach employees. In May 2019, CWU members voted to take industrial action over a pay dispute, but this action was suspended after talks with management resulted in a new pay offer.

Bt Strike


Bt Strike 2022

The BT Group has announced that it will be undertaking a major review of its pension schemes, which could result in changes for members. The consultation process is expected to begin in the spring of 2021 and will consider all aspects of the pensions, including benefits, contributions and investment strategy. The company has said that no decisions have been made at this stage and that the review is being undertaken with a view to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the pensions.

However, it is understood that one option under consideration is closing the defined benefit (DB) scheme to future accrual for existing members. This would mean that any benefits built up from April 2022 onwards would be based on defined contribution principles. The BT Pension Scheme is currently one of the largest private sector DB schemes in the UK, with around 320,000 active members and over £50 billion in assets.

It is also open to new joiners, with around 4,000 people joining each year. The average pension pot size for current members is around £150,000. While no final decisions have been made, it is clear that any changes to the pension scheme could have significant implications for current and future members.

We will continue to monitor developments closely and provide updates as more information becomes available.


On May 28th, 2019, British Airways cabin crew members began a two-week strike in protest of pay and working conditions. The walkout, which is the longest in the airline’s history, has caused significant disruptions for passengers. More than 1,000 flights have been cancelled and tens of thousands of passengers have had their travel plans disrupted.

The strike has also resulted in BA losing an estimated £80 million pounds in revenue.

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