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Gb Group Share Price

The GB Group share price is down today after the company announced its half-year results. The specialist identity data intelligence firm reported a 6% increase in revenue to £145.8m for the six months to 30 September 2019, but this was below analyst expectations of £149.6m. Adjusted pre-tax profit also rose 6% to £32.1m, but again this was below consensus estimates of £33.4m.

The GB Group share price has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years. After hitting an all-time high in 2015, the stock crashed in 2016 and 2017 amid concerns about the company’s accounting practices. However, the shares have rebounded strongly this year, rising more than 50% so far.

There are a number of reasons for the GB Group’s share price recovery. Firstly, the company has put its accounting problems behind it and is now reporting strong financial results. Secondly, the group has made a series of bolt-on acquisitions that have transformed it into a much larger business.

Finally, investors are becoming increasingly optimistic about the prospects for growth in China, where the GB Group generates around two-thirds of its revenue. With its shares still trading at a significant discount to their pre-crash highs, there could be further upside for the GB Group share price over the coming months.

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The GB Group share price is currently trading at around £1.60, down from its 52 week high of over £2.00. The company has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with its core businesses in travel and hospitality being particularly affected. However, the company is starting to see some recovery in its share price as investors begin to believe that the worst of the pandemic is behind us.

GB Group has a strong balance sheet and is well positioned to weather the current storm. The company has a solid track record of delivering shareholder value and I believe that it will continue to do so in the years ahead. I would be a buyer of GB Group shares at current levels.

Gb Group Share Price


What is the Gb Group Share Price

The GB Group share price is currently trading at around £1.40 per share. The company is a leading provider of identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. Its products are used by organisations all over the world to help combat crime and protect their customers from fraud.

The group has a strong track record of delivering growth and profitability, and is well-positioned to continue this in the future.

How Has the Gb Group Share Price Performed Over Time

GB Group plc is a provider of identity data intelligence solutions. The Company uses its technology to provide certainty in an increasingly complex world by helping organizations verify the identities of people and things, and enabling the safe exchange of digital information. It operates through two segments: GBG Identify and GBG Location Solutions.

GBG Identify includes services that enable organizations to verify the identity of their customers, employees or citizens online or offline. GBG Location Solutions provides solutions that help organizations understand where their customers or employees are located, including geolocation data and mapping capabilities. The Company’s customer base consists of public sector bodies, such as governments and local authorities; commercial organizations, such as banks, insurers and retailers; and other specialist companies that use its products to support their own offerings in areas such as fraud prevention, compliance checking or performance management.

What Factors Have Influenced the Gb Group Share Price

The Gb Group share price has been influenced by a number of factors over the years. Firstly, the company’s financial performance has been strong, with steady growth in revenue and profit. This has helped to support the share price, even during periods of market volatility.

Secondly, the Gb Group has a solid reputation as a provider of high-quality products and services. This reputation has helped to attract investors, who have been willing to pay a premium for the shares. Finally, the company’s share buyback program has also supported the share price by reducing the number of shares available on the market.

Where Can I Find Historical Data on the Gb Group Share Price

The GB Group plc is a holding company, which engages in the provision of identity data intelligence and verification solutions. It operates through the following segments: Identity Solutions and Fraud & Risk Management. The Identity Solutions segment offers customer on-boarding, fraud detection, and compliance services.

The Fraud & Risk Management segment provides fraud prevention tools that helps organizations to make informed decisions about their customers. The company was founded by Guy Mucklow and Nigel Jones in 1997 and is headquartered in Chester, United Kingdom. If you are looking for historical data on the GB Group share price, you can find this information on a number of financial websites such as Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

Simply type in “GBG” (the company’s ticker symbol) into the search bar on either website and then click on the “Historical Data” tab to view a list of GBG’s past stock prices. You can also find detailed information about GBG’s financials by clicking on the “Financials” tab.

Are There Any Analysts Covering Gb Group Shares

Yes, there are analysts covering GB Group shares. However, the number of analysts may vary over time and some firms may stop coverage altogether. The most recent analyst ratings from major financial institutions are listed below.

GB Group PLC. Is it a good investment?


The GB Group share price has been volatile over the past year, but the company is still a strong performer in the UK market. The company is a leading provider of identity verification and authentication solutions, and its products are used by some of the world’s largest organizations. The GB Group has a strong financial position, with a solid balance sheet and healthy cash flow.

Its products are in demand from both public and private sector customers, and the company is well-positioned to continue growing its business.

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