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Kainos Share Price: Which Company Provides Digital Services and Platforms Internationally

Kainos Group plc is a software company that provides digital services and platforms in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and internationally. The current Kainos Share Price is 350 pence per share on the London Stock Exchange. The company operates through three segments: Digital Services, Software Products, and Platforms.

It offers public sector solutions, including social care, health and benefits, employment and skills, court and justice, and immigration enforcement systems; private sector solutions for financial services institutions comprising banks, building societies insurance companies; healthcare solutions for primary care providers; online learning solutions for universities and colleges; enterprise content management (ECM), document management (DM), business process management (BPM), records management (RM), case management (CM), output management (OM), input/output capture devices include scanners/copiers/multifunctional devices /faxes integrated with ECM software products to automate workflows such as accounts payable or human resources on-boarding processes; Kainos WorkSmart that automates manual tasks associated with paper forms processing by capturing data from various sources into a central database enabling real-time monitoring of business processes via secure web portals.

As of December 31, 2016, Kainos Group had 554 employees across 11 offices in the UK & Ireland. Kainos Group PLC has a market capitalization of £326 million as of March 1st 2018. The current share price is 350 pence per share on the London Stock Exchange.

Kainos Group plc (LON: KNOS) shares are down over 3% in early morning trading after the company announced its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2020. The digital services provider posted revenue of £146.9m for the period, up 10% from £133.5m in the same period last year. Adjusted EBITDA was also up 10%, to £23.1m from £20.9m in H1 2019.

However, Kainos warned that it expects “some headwinds” in the second half of the year as a result of COVID-19, and has therefore withdrawn its full-year guidance.

Kainos Plc

Kainos Plc is a provider of digital services and software solutions. The company operates in three segments: Digital Services, Software Solutions, and Managed Services. The Digital Services segment provides design, user experience, web development, and content management services.

The Software Solutions segment offers enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), document management, and business intelligence solutions. The Managed Services segment provides IT infrastructure services. Kainos was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Belfast, the United Kingdom.

Kainos Share Price


Is Kainos a Buy?

Kainos is a publicly traded technology company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company provides software and services to clients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, North America and Australia. Kainos was founded in 1986 and employs around 1,700 people.

The company’s share price has been on a roller coaster ride over the last five years. After reaching all-time highs in early 2018, the stock plunged sharply during the market sell-off in October and November of that year. Since bottoming out at £1.60 ($2.05) per share in December 2018, Kainos has recovered some ground but remains well below its previous highs.

So is Kainos a buy at current levels? There are several things to consider when trying to answer this question. First, let’s look at Kainos’ financials to see if the company is doing well fundamentally.

For the fiscal year ended March 31st 2019, Kainos reported revenue of £219 million ($280 million), up 12% from the prior year. Adjusted operating profit came in at £32 million ($41 million), up 29% from 2018. And adjusted earnings per share were 16 pence (20 cents), up 33% from last year’s 12 pence (15 cents).

On the surface, these results look quite good. However, it’s important to note that a significant portion of Kainos’ revenue and profits come from just one client – the UK government agency NHS Digital – which accounted for 58% of total revenue and 68% of adjusted operating profits last year. This dependence on one customer makes Kainos somewhat vulnerable since any reduction in spending by NHS Digital could have a big impact on the company’s financial performance going forward.

Is Kainos a Public Company?

Kainos is not a public company. It is a private company that is headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company has been in business since 1986 and provides software solutions to businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Australia.

When Did Kainos Go Public?

Kainos went public on the London Stock Exchange in 2015. Prior to this, the company was privately owned by a small group of shareholders. The IPO raised £84 million for the company, evaluating it at £350 million.

This was a significant milestone for Kainos, as it enabled them to expand their operations and continue to invest in new product development. It also gave them a platform to raise their profile internationally and attract new customers. The timing of the IPO was interesting, as it came just a few months after the UK government had announced its ambition to make the country one of the world’s leading digital economies.

This sent a strong signal that Kainos was a company worth investing in if you wanted exposure to this growing market.

Kainos – Financial Analysis: High margins and lots of cash – what’s not to like?


Kainos Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which provides digital services and software products. The Company operates in three segments: Digital Services, Software Products and Corporate. Its Digital Services segment includes the provision of user experience, design and development, as well as management consulting and technical delivery services.

Its Software Products segment offers enterprise content management (ECM), case management (CM) and business process management (BPM) solutions to public sector organizations. The Company’s Corporate segment comprises central costs. Kainos Group plc has operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.

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