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Money Shot Comic

This is the beginning of Money Shot Comic, a new series from Image Comics. The series follows the residents of an apartment complex in Los Angeles as they deal with the aftermath of a shooting. The woman who was shot is named Esperanza, and she’s rushed to the hospital.

In the early hours of a quiet Monday morning, the sound of a gunshot pierces the peace. It’s followed by the sound of shattering glass and then screaming. A woman runs out of an apartment building, clutching her stomach and crying for help.

Her husband, Julio, goes with her.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new comic book out called Money Shot. It’s about a group of scientists who are sent on a mission to space to find alien life. But when they get there, they find something much more valuable: an alien artifact that can create unlimited energy.

The team decides to keep the artifact for themselves and use it to become rich and famous. But as you can imagine, things don’t go quite as planned. The government finds out about the artifact and wants it for themselves.

The team is then forced to choose between keeping the secret and making a fortune, or doing what’s right and handing it over. It’s a great read with plenty of action, comedy, and drama. And it’s also got some pretty thought-provoking themes about greed, power, and morality.

If you’re looking for something new to check out, definitely give Money Shot a shot.

Money Shot Comic


What Inspired You to Create Money Shot Comic

I was inspired to create Money Shot because I wanted to see a more positive and accurate representation of sex workers in the media. Too often, sex workers are portrayed as either victims or villains, and I wanted to show that they can be just like anyone else. My hope is that by humanizing them, people will be more understanding and accepting of them.

What’s the Story behind Money Shot Comic

In 2006, writer Joe Keatinge and artist Simon Bisley created Money Shot, a comic book about a group of sex workers who use their unique powers to save the world. The series was published by Image Comics and ran for 12 issues. The idea for the series came from Keatinge’s own experiences working in the adult entertainment industry.

He wanted to create a story that would humanize sex workers and show them as more than just sexual objects. Bisley’s artwork brought an erotic edge to the stories, which often included explicit scenes of sex and violence. The series was met with critical acclaim, but its popularity waned after only a few issues.

In 2010, Keatinge announced that he was ending the series due to a lack of sales. Despite its premature end, Money Shot is considered one of the most original and groundbreaking comics of its time.

How Did You Come Up With the Idea for Money Shot Comic

I was sitting in my bedroom one day, thinking about how much I loved comic books. I wanted to create something that would make people laugh, but also be relatable. I thought about all the things that people worry about money-wise, and how frustrating it can be.

And then the light bulb went off! Money Shot Comic was born! I wanted to create a comic that would be entertaining, but also provide some helpful tips and information on saving money.

I did a lot of research on personal finance, and found that there were a lot of great resources out there- but they were often dry and boring. My hope is that by making Money Shot Comic fun and relatable, more people will actually take the time to learn about personal finance and start saving for their future!

What Do You Hope People Take Away from Reading Money Shot Comic

What do you hope people take away from reading Money Shot Comic? I hope that people will appreciate the level of detail and accuracy that we put into our work. We want to be able to provide readers with an enjoyable and informative experience, and I think we accomplish that with Money Shot Comic.

Moneyshot #1 Comic Review

Money Shot Comic Cancelled

The popular webcomic Money Shot was abruptly canceled this week, leaving fans stunned. The comic, which followed the misadventures of a group of sex workers who used their bodies to finance space exploration, was known for its frank and feminist take on sexuality. Though no official reason has been given for the cancellation, it’s speculated that creator Rachel Hawkins may have received pushback from her publisher over the increasingly explicit content of the comic.

Whatever the case, fans are mourning the loss of a bold and original voice in webcomics.


This week’s Money Shot Comic is all about how to save money when you’re out shopping. The tips include everything from using coupons to shopping at thrift stores. If you’re looking to save some money, this is the comic for you!

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