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Pigeon Watch

A group of students in New York City started a program called Pigeon Watch. The goal is to track the movements of pigeons in the city using GPS devices. The data collected will be used to study the birds’ behavior and help researchers understand how they navigate the urban environment.

Hey, bird watchers! As you know, pigeons are a common sight in cities across the world. But did you know that they’re also one of the most studied birds?

That’s right – scientists have been observing and recording data on pigeons for over a hundred years! If you’re looking to add a little feathered friend to your life, why not give pigeon watching a try? These creatures are fascinating to observe, and you never know what interesting behavior you might see.

Plus, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while spending time outdoors. So what do you need to get started? A pair of binoculars will help you spot pigeons from far away, and a notebook is always useful for recording your observations.

If you want to attract pigeons to your backyard or local park, consider investing in some bird seed or other food specifically designed for them. And last but not least, find a comfortable place to sit or stand where you can spend some time quietly observing these amazing creatures.

Pigeons in the window

What is Pigeon Watch?

Pigeon Watch is a free app that helps you track the pigeons in your area. It was created by two bird enthusiasts, who were tired of seeing dead pigeons on the streets of their city. With Pigeon Watch, you can report sightings of live or dead pigeons to help keep your community safe and clean.

The app also allows you to share photos and information about the birds you see, so that others can learn from your experiences.

What is the Purpose of the Pigeon Watch?

Pigeon Watch is a program that helps to control the feral pigeon population in New York City. The program offers a way for people to report sightings of pigeons, as well as provides information on how to humanely trap and remove them from your property. Additionally, Pigeon Watch works to educate the public about the importance of keeping our feathered friends safe and healthy.

Who Created Pigeon Watch?

Pigeon Watch was created by two bird enthusiasts, John and Karen. They were motivated by the growing number of pigeons in their neighborhood and the lack of information available to the public about these birds. Their goal is to provide accurate, in-depth information about pigeons so that people can make informed decisions about how to deal with them.

How Does Pigeon Watch Work?

Pigeon Watch is a new app that is designed to help people keep track of the pigeons in their area. The app works by allowing users to submit photos and information about the pigeons they see, which is then shared with other users in the app. The app also has a map feature that shows where the most recent sightings have been reported.

Pigeon Watch



Pigeon Watch is a blog dedicated to the observation and study of pigeons. The author, who goes by the pseudonym “Pigeon Man”, has been studying pigeons for over 20 years and has written several books on the subject. In addition to providing information about pigeon behavior and ecology, Pigeon Watch also serves as a platform for discussion about urban wildlife conservation and management.

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